Money coaching is a process. Are you ready to take control?

I'm an empathy-focused money coach. Everyone is at a different point in their journey, and we all have different priorities and circumstances. I customize every experience to the individual.

Let me walk through the general process and some of the ways I can help you.

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Money Coaching Services

Let me help you

I provide 1:1 money coaching services to individuals. You're a real human person, so your coaching process is customized just for you.

Evaluating your financial situation

I'll help provide a holistic overview of your finances so you have a starting point for decision-making.

Brainstorming creative solutions

There are so many ways to live a balanced life that break outside the norm. Let's find one that works for you!

Teaching money management strategies

Whether you've never budgeted before, need to pay down debt, build credit, or want a fresh look at your current process, I'm here to help.

Educating about money topics

I'll teach you about different topics such as types of accounts and compound interest so you're equipped to make your own informed decisions.

Discussing short and long-term goals

Are you wondering if you can make a job change, buy a house, retire, or start a cat sanctuary? Let's discuss what's possible!

Answering your money questions

My process is non-judgmental. Let me answer your questions in a safe and comfortable environment.

What are the steps of money coaching?

Step 1: Getting to Know You(rself)

Through a free 30-minute intro call and introspective questionnaires, I'll develop a custom coaching plan for you with pricing, session goals, and a rough timeline for our sessions together. We'll then review your full financial picture so we both understand your starting point.

Step 2: Regular Coaching Sessions

We'll meet once or twice a month (60-90 minute sessions) to work through topics such as budgeting, saving, and brainstorming goals and solutions. We'll determine exercises for you to do before the next meeting to incorporate new systems and habits.

Step 3: Accountability and Check-Ins

Between longer coaching sessions, we'll have 15-30 minute check-in sessions. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the exercises and anything else that's arisen. You can always contact me via email as well.

Keep it up! Maintain your habits and implement your newfound decision-making power to guide your financial destiny.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone is unique, but many folks do have the same questions.

How does money coaching work?

Through empathetic 1:1 sessions, I'll guide you through exercises and ask thoughtful questions to help you gain comfort with your money. We'll work at a pace that's comfortable for you.

Do you manage money or advise on investments?

Nope! Your money is yours, and I have no interest in managing it for you. I do not provide investment advice - you should see a licensed professional for help with that.

How does your process work?

After a free intro call and questionnaire, I'll create a custom coaching plan for you that will outline our timeline, milestones, goals, and pricing. The process adapts to your effort level - the more you put in, the more you get out.

Can you just make a budget for me?

Sure I could, but you know yourself best. I'm here to teach you how to make a budgeting system that works for you. Think of me as your personal trainer for money - you still have to put in the work, but I'll provide the exercises and accountability.

How much does it cost?

I am a fee-only coach, so you pay me directly for my services. Prices start at $100+ for a standalone session and $450+ for a package with multiple sessions, exercises, and accountability check-ins. It depends on the session length, the scope of the session or package, and any additional support provided outside of the sessions.

Why would you be interested in helping me?

Because I feel like this is my way of contributing to society and breaking the system. I love helping people escape the grind and live a life they have control over. It's a fulfilling way to spend my time and creative energy.

Let me help you find your balance.

Gain control of your finances and determine the direction of your life. I'm here to help you find your balance, whatever that may be.